In December 2013 Sony Pictures announced that they would be making a cinematic universe based around the marvel character Spider Man.The film that would kick of this cinematic universe was a Film based of the Sister 6 comic along a movie based of Venom. The movie would be directed and written  by Drew Goddard and would be a redemption story for the characters. The movie would have been released in November of 2016 and then a Black Cat movie in 2017,Then  another The Amazing Spiderman movie in 2018.

In 2015 Marvel studios announced that they struck a deal with Sony  Pictures allowing Spider Man to appear in the Marvel cinematic universe,But let sony keep the rights to the film. Do to this Sony canceled the Amazing Spider Man 3 and halted the development on Sinister 6

Though  the Sinters 6 isnt Technically canceled.The film will be likely re casted and different from what would have been originally planned. Though it is confirmed that this Spider Man  cinematic universe is cancelled.     


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