Sexy Poker is a 2009 WiiWare game developed by Gameloft. In the released version of the game, winning a poker game against the computer will cause the anime-style female on-screen to strip down to her lingerie and make risque comments.

However, the original version of the game actually contained what the Australian classification board described as "full frontal breast nudity" in the final photo. This would have made it the second and the last Wii game to expose bare breasts, the only other one being Manhunt 2.

However, this version of the game was refused classification in Australia due to nudity as an incentive or reward, causing the developers to go back and edit the game so the females only stripped down to their lingerie. This version of the game was classified "M" for sexual references.

The uncensored version of the game was never classified by the ESRB, but the censored received an "M" for "Suggestive Themes, Simulated Gambling".

No footage or images of this uncensored version have ever been released.

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