Sex Charade

Canadian sales flyer for Sex Charade.

Sex charade cage

Film still showing a girl trapped in a cage.

Sex Charade aborted dvd

Purported DVD cover.

Sex Charade is a 1970 Jess Franco film starring Soledad Miranda, Paul Muller, and Maria Rohm. It was one of three films Franco shot in Liechtenstein (the other two being Nightmares Come at Night and Eugenie de Sade). The story revolves around Anne who is held hostage by an escaped maniac from an insane asylum. The fugitive forces her to tell stories to prevent her from getting help. Anne then spins a fanciful tale about a girl's escape from her imprisonment by savages and her longing to return to captivity.

The film apparently had a short theatrical run in France and was partially released in Belgium as a bizarre collage featuring footage from other films. According to the documentary Eugenie's Nightmare of a Sex Charade, the film was slated to be released on DVD in 2004 alongside Nightmares Come at Night but the archivists at Paris Cinematheque realized that Sex Charade was missing.[1] It is also rumoured that there is a print kept by Eurocine which is missing sound.[2] According to writer Lucas Balbo, however, no elements of Sex Charade have been found in France.


  • Paul Muller
  • Soledad Miranda (as Susan Korda)
  • Jack Taylor
  • Diana Lorys
  • Maria Rohm (as Maria Khon)
  • Howard Vernon


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