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"Ernie and the Pumpkin Seed Candy Salesman" (usually shortened to "Ernie and the Candy Salesman") is a sketch that originally aired during Sesame Street episode 0264 (during Season 2) on May 13, 1971 (exactly a day after the Tales from Muppetland special "The Frog Prince" premiered).[1]

In this sketch, a candy salesman comes up to Ernie and sells him some pumpkin seed candy. Ernie told the salesman that he doesn't really like pumpkin seed candy, perhaps like it was icky or something. He keeps selling him the sizes of pumpkin seed candy until he sells him the tiniest piece of pumpkin seed candy that he even can't see it like as if it was invisible. It almost looks like Ernie was looking at the camera in a closeup shot of the tiniest piece of pumpkin seed candy.

A user has listed the segment as one of the rare/lost Ernie and Bert sketches on a Muppet Central forum thread.[2]

Thanks to documents found at the CTW (Children's Television Workshop) Archives, the clip was known to have aired in two episodes on Sesame Street (#264 and #301) during 1971. Other airings of the segment, especially in foreign co-productions, remain unidentified, but the only known international episode to feature the segment in its foreign dub was Folge 2033 of Sesamstraße.[3] It is also rumored that there were other foreign airings of the clip which also had an alternate ending where the candy salesman facepalms and sighs, but so far, no physical evidence of this has been put forward.

The clip was once posted in German around 2008, but nobody knew the clip was rare and never saved the video, as the video title was in German and would've been hard to find since it was before mostly anyone used Google Translate; The German video lasted on YouTube up until mid-2014, and it was also found in a Sesame Street compilation from 2015-late 2017, but both video links were hard to search for and now got deleted off of YouTube, and the clip itself has not resurfaced since. Fans who claimed to have saved the clip had lost it from harddrive crashes or unrealizingly trashing their old videotapes that had it on there.

As of August 2017, no one has come forward with any backups of the clip, not especially from that now deleted Sesame Street compilation, but it's likely that an English version of the clip may find its way onto YouTube next week-- you may never know.


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