The Street We Live On is a celebration of 35 years of Sesame Street, which aired as Episode 4057. In the special, Elmo has a special day in Elmo's World, thinking about his neighborhood. The special contains clips from classic Sesame Street episodes, a special musical number sung by the Sesame Street cast members, and a timeline sequence which pays tribute to some of the greatest moments of Sesame Street.

What was edited out/altered on video and iTunes

  • Elmo's World Montage (DVD, but not VHS: the montage is shortened and replaces the kazoo-version of the "Sesame Street Theme" with the standard Elmo's World montage music)
  • 10 Flowers
  • Ten Turtles
  • Dance Myself to Sleep (On video, some of the celebrities were edited out)
  • 1969-2004 timeline sequence (cut from video)
  • End credits (Clap, Clap, Clap replaced Mahna Mahna)

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