In 1990, NBC debuted a sitcom entitled Seinfeld. Based on the stand-up of New York comedian Jerry Seinfeld, the series was basically described as a "show about nothing", integrating Jerry's stand-up with typical sitcom situations. Though the situation with airing it was rather rocky when it started, the series eventually became a major success on NBC, running nine seasons, with its popularity flourishing to this day. However, there exist a few episodes that have never been rerun, aired, or even produced.

The Seinfeld Chronicles (original pilot version)

In the first episode, a fictionalized version of Seinfeld tells George Constanza (Jason Alexander) that Laura (Pamela Brull). a woman he met in Michigan, is coming to New York, with the two of them debating whether she has romantic intentions or not. She then decides to stay overnight at Jerry's apartment, but upon being told "Never get engaged", he realizes he has no chance with her. The pilot was first conceived as a 90-minute TV special about where comedians get their material, but Seinfeld eventually realized that the concept would work better as a TV pilot.

The pilot was taped in April 1989 at Ren-Mar Studios (the same studio where CBS' The Dick Van Dyke Show was filmed), and the sets were largely different from what NBC viewers were later used to seeing. Upon its test screening, audience response was extremely negative, but NBC decided to air it anyway. It was shown on July 5, finishing second in its time slot against CBS' Jake and the Fatman.

Television critics' reaction was an improvement over the test audience's, and so NBC's entertainment division killed one of the Bob Hope specials budgeted for that year in order to produce four more episodes. After those four aired, a revised version of the pilot was shown, with different opening titles and a new slap-bass score by Jonathan Wolff instead of Jep Epstein's. The original 1989 version of the pilot, however, was unseen until it was included on the 2004 DVD release of the first two seasons.

The Stranded (unaired season 2 episode)


The Bet (unproduced episode)


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