School Boy Blues03:41

School Boy Blues

"Schoolboy Blues". (WARNING: PROFANITY)

The Rolling Stones don't need much of an introduction. Having their roots in blues music and early rock and roll, the band first exploded onto the American music scene during the British Invasion, and identified with the youth culture of the early-to-mid 1960s. Since then, they have been ranked among the greatest acts of all time and continue to tour to this very day.

When it came time to leave Decca Records in 1970 and start their own label, Rolling Stones Records, the band was told to record one more single in order to fulfill their old contract, so in an attempt to mess with their former label, the Stones recorded a song called "Schoolboy Blues" as their last Decca effort[1], although it was alternatively titled "C---sucker Blues" (also the name of a lost 1970s Stones documentary) due to the chorus, which goes: "Oh, where can I get my c--- sucked?/Where can I get my a-- f---ed?/I may have no money/But I know where to put it every time."

Due to its profanity, Decca decided not to release the track, but it didn't matter because the Stones were off finding success through their new label anyway. In some sort of accident, "Schoolboy Blues" was issued in the Germany-exclusive, four-LP The Rest of the Best box set in 1983, only to be pulled and reissued sans the offending track four weeks later. Many years since then, with the creation of the Internet, "Schoolboy/C---sucker Blues" has inevitably shown up on torrent sites and on YouTube.


  1. article, featuring an entry on the band's exit from Decca.

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