School and the Backyard Gang was a 1996 CBS Original Show that had a 1996 2nd incarnation. The Show was created at the Last Minute when Julie Aigner Clark, Joan Ganz Cooney, and Jim Henson feared that Children's Television , despite being home to the World's highest-rated programs, was dated. They created a Mickey Mouse Club Parody for Babies and Toddlers. The show aired weekdays at 5:30 PM and was rerun until 1996.

220px-Whiz Kids Cast

Some Cast Members

This version was notable for launching the careers of Connie Stevens, Anthony Field, and Marlee Mantin. Aside from a single episode on YouTube, a "best of" DVD containing clips of the show, and clips of performances of the show, episodes are hard to come across.



School and the Backyard Gang,jpg

The Season 3 Cast



Emily, Rachel, and Annie

Emily, Annie, and Rachel





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