Saban's Masked Rider unaired pilot clip02:06

Saban's Masked Rider unaired pilot clip

Clip from the pilot episode.

The American adaptation of Kamen Rider Black RX, titled Masked Rider, began airing in 1995 on Fox Kids.

However, before the finalized version of the premiere episode was filmed, another version was made to get broadcast approval. Only a 2-minute clip of the pilot is currently available, showing a lot of differences:

  • Different actors in the roles of Molly and Albee.
  • Different voices for Chopper and Magno.
  • Magno is a Male.
  • No Ferbus.
  • The planet Edenoi has been destroyed.
  • A different logo for the show, with the face of "Kamen Rider J" instead of "Black RX".

It is currently unknown if somebody has a full copy of the pilot.

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