Roll Out (CBS sitcom)14:30

Roll Out (CBS sitcom)

Most of an episode.

ROLL OUT opening credits 197300:47

ROLL OUT opening credits 1973

The opening credits.

Roll Out! BET ad (1988)00:31

Roll Out! BET ad (1988)

A promo for BET reruns.

With the success of the TV version of M*A*S*H, CBS decided to order another war sitcom, Roll Out!. Airing in 1973, this series highlighted the exploits of supply drivers in the U.S. Third Army's Red Ball Express during World War II, a setting that was used as commentary on race relations. Unfortunately, it aired on Friday nights opposite ABC's The Odd Couple, and like the show that preceded Roll Out!, Calucci's Department, it was given the ax in 1974 and replaced with the more successful Maude spin-off Good Times. However, reruns were shown on BET in the late 1980s, but barely any footage has turned up.

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