Roger Rabbit-Toon Platton
Status Cancelled/lost
Roger Rabbit - Toon Platoon Was A Scrapped Prequel Idea In The 80s  The following is from the website "A direct-to-video prequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, entitled Roger Rabbit: The Toon Platoon, was written in the late ‘80s but never got off the ground. The WWII-era story involved a young Roger Rabbit rescuing Jessica Rabbit from Nazi forces and ended with a surprise reveal that Roger’s father is Bugs Bunny. For obvious reasons, the project was scrapped, only to be resurrected in the late ‘90s. Spielberg had the Nazi stuff dropped and the plot was changed to cover Roger Rabbit’s rise to fame on Broadway and in Hollywood, now called Who Discovered Roger Rabbit? This new proposed version was to feature a mix of CGI, live-action, and traditional animation, but the budget quickly ballooned out of control and this incarnation was called off, as well. News came in 2009 that Robert Zemeckis was working on another sequel idea, so Roger Rabbit still isn’t safe from franchise-dom.""

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