Ripley and Scuff is a children's programme that was produced for ITV's children's strand CITV and originally aired from 7 January 2002 to 28 February 2003 and is a spin-off to the highly successful Roger and the Rottentrolls. The show sees Ripley and Scuff along with their sister Strid and their pet barguest Bargie visiting schools across the UK and wreaking havoc. The second series was frequently repeated on the CITV Channel between 2006 and 2010.

A few years back on YouTube, only two episodes have surfaced (the first episode of Series 1 and the last episode of Series 2), although sometime afterwards they were removed. In 2013 however George Smart did upload one other episode of Series 2 to YouTube, which remains the only episode currently available on the internet (besides the "Ripley's Rascals" song).

Sometime later, an episode from Series 1 (entitled "Straw") was uploaded to YouTube, but was removed shortly afterwards. Gilby 1385 then uploaded a mirror of that episode later on.

While a DVD is available through the official website, clicking the link to buy it gives an error message, and copies through various shopping websites such as eBay and Amazon are extremely hard to find.

Other than that, the one Series 2 episode that was just described and the above song remain the only pieces of footage from the show available on the internet. It is unknown if any more will surface.

Ripley & Scuff 29 1 03 part 117:35

Ripley & Scuff 29 1 03 part 1

Ripley & Scuff 29 1 03 part 205:51

Ripley & Scuff 29 1 03 part 2

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