Report To Murphy - theme by JAM01:35

Report To Murphy - theme by JAM

The opening and closing credits.

Before gaining attention in Warner Bros. Pictures' Night Shift, Michael Keaton was merely a struggling sitcom actor. Between 1977 (at the very least) and 1982, he appeared in the likes of All's Fair (which he joined midseason), The Mary Tyler Moore Hour, Working Stiffs, and his last sitcom flop, the 1982 CBS series Report to Murphy. Murphy follows the trials and tribulations of parole officer Eddie (Keaton) as he deals with the ever-changing rotation of released prisoners. The series aired for six episodes on Monday nights, in the Private Benjamin series' former timeslot, before it was cancelled and replaced with reruns of WKRP in Cincinnati. Currently, the only footage available is the opening and closing credits, courtesy of JAM Creative Productions, who made the theme song.

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