Ren's parents.

Ren Seeks Help is an especially infamous episode of Ren And Stimpy Adult Party cartoon, a special season of Ren & Stimpy made especially for adults. It depicts Ren Hoek's childhood and is filled with him abusing animals in semi-slapstick, yet rather brutal and cruel ways. It also depicts his abusive parents. John Kricfalusi, the author of the series admitted that few scenes was cut, as they would massively inflate the runtime of the episode. First scene was supposed to replace the tongue-scratching scene, and featured a character named "Cobiman" which sees Ren abusing animals and then tries to call the police, but his father shoots him with a rifle throught the window. Another scene allegedly depicted Ren's mother and father after he grew up and would replace the whole "And you know what I did then" scene and fight with Mr.Horse, with his parents growing extremely obese and constantly sitting and eating on the couch, with the tortured frog as their butler. John admitted that the scene "didn't quite fit", althrough it was completly animated, and he replaced it with the fight sequence.

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