Reala Is A Youtuber Who Created Animations From 2015 To 2016 All of Them Have Been Deleted Since The Only Source That Confirms This Is A JTVLive Chat Room Where She Said She Created Old Animations And She Doesnt Own A Car BOOOOO! This Sucks Im Getting Out of Here Why Am I Even On This Wiki I Got Banned 7 Years Ago ​F***k The LMW I Like The LMA THE NES WAS GREAT WHY ghobhcvhj ch this is A WFUL THE LMW IS VERU MODERATEED REALA WHAT DO YOY MEWAN ​S Thesee Aree LINjjkj ​To My YOUGU E LUVESTREAKMM STEAL WE DOBG UNDERSRAmnn why this sycnhp all ub gxuv cfucdjchkb dffhjhgfghhcyjhuwerorerweirdalrocks nonyoustinkyhowcanisendthistolostmedisaechive

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