'Adult Entertainment is Raffi's third LP album for his Troubadour label, released in 1977. This is the second of two records Raffi made with adult listeners in mind (the first being Good Luck Boy (1975)). Apart from several self-penned songs, Raffi also covers songs from Jesse Winchester ("Yankee Lady") and fellow Canadian folk artist Stan Rogers ("Forty-Five Years"). This album was later released as "Lovelight" (1980).It is currently not available in CD format.


Raffi Adult Entertainment (With Download Link)40:45

Raffi Adult Entertainment (With Download Link)

Thanks to Lawrence Groce (AKA Children's Music Rocks) for the link.

  1. Forty-Five Years
  2. Little Kirstin January 28
  3. Out in the Yard
  4. Wish I Were a Child Again
  5. Wind Blows Over the Bay
  6. Yankee Lady
  7. Starvin Marvin
  8. Undecided
  9. Evangeline
  10. Lovelight


  • Bill Cymbala - Drums, Percussion
  • Bob Doidge - Bass
  • Ben Mink - Violin, Mandolin
  • Don Potter - Electric Guitar, Kalimba, Acoustic Guitar on "Wish I Were a Child Again" and "Undecided"
  • Raffi - Acoustic Guitar, vocals
  • Ed Roth - Piano, Electric Piano, Synthesizer, Accordion
  • Chris Whiteley - Harmonica
  • Jude Johnson, Garnet Rogers (The Barkettes) - Vocal Harmony on "45 Years" and "Out in the Yard"
  • Carla Jensen, Judy Donnelly - Vocal Harmony on "Wind Blows Over the Bay", "Yankee Lady" and "Starvin Marvin"
  • Don Potter, Ed Roth, Raffi - Additional Harmony


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