SAM 0136

What a typical Fisher-Price Read & Play Puddle Book CD-ROM looks like. (The Lie)

What a rare non Fisher-Price branded Puddle Book CD-ROM looks like (A Day At The Beach)

What a Rare Non Fisher-Price Branded Puddle Book CD-ROM looks like.(A Day at the Beach)

Puddle Books were a series of interactive storybook software CD-ROMs, similar to Living Books, developed by Funnybone Interactive and published by Davidson & Associates, released between 1995 and 1999. There were six Puddle Book CD-ROMs released: The Lie, Yolanda Yellsalot, A Day at the Beach with The Fuzzooly Family, Louie Lumpfield and his Heroic Wet Dog, Baxter's Birthday and After the Beanstalk. All six titles were released under the Fisher-Price branding, with each being entitled Fisher-Price Read & Play on the cover arts. However, rare versions of these Puddle Book CD-ROMs without Fisher-Price branding are known to exist. These rare versions lacked Fisher-Price Read & Play everywhere from the disc and intros, but nothing else changed to the stories. However Fisher-Price can still be seen in the credit sequences.

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