In 1998, what was supposed to be the series finale for the entire American version of Super Sentai, Power Rangers, there were originally three parts to the two part final. The reasons were because of scheduling requests by Fox Kids.

In the previous season, Power Rangers Turbo, there was a mysterious ranger called the Phantom Ranger who's identity has been left in question since in Space's original broadcast in 1998, as his identity was never revealed. In a deleted scene, the Phantom Ranger presented himself to the rangers and revealed his identity.

The scene was ultimately dropped due to the scheduling plans Fox Kids ordered. Despite this, the Phantom Ranger's identity has never been revealed. Long time producer, Judd Lynn stated in an interview if he had to give the Phantom Ranger an identity now he'd say that Billy, the blue Mighty Morphin Power Ranger created Ecliptor (in space villain) as a failed experiment and thus corrected that mistake by using unused energy from this failed robot experiment to create the Phantom Ranger powers.

This idea was never used, and to this day, many theories have been brought up, from him being Justin's (blue turbo ranger) father to Zordon's (the rangers mentor) son. This unused three-part scene has never been released, most likely due to the scheduling problems.

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