Poppets Town was an children's television series that aired on TVOntario and Knowledge and aired around from 2009 to 2012. The series was produced by Neptuno Films and Decode Entertainment. The series has 52 episodes of 11 minutes each.

However, since TVO and Knowledge stopped airing Poppets Town in 2012, the series no longer airs on television, has not been released on DVD, and no recordings of the episodes exist yet. As an result, the series remains lost with only one episode "Mistaken Mistake" being on YouTube. The other episodes of Poppets Town will be very hard to find sadly.

Cartoons Poppets Town - Mistaken Mistake12:01

Cartoons Poppets Town - Mistaken Mistake

The only full episode exists on YouTube.

However, other episodes are on YouTube, But sadly for us English speakers, they are in Turkish language.

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