Poor Papa poster.

Poor Papa is the first Oswald The Lucky Rabbit short ever made. Originally produced in 1927, it also is one of the first Disney shorts to be animated by Walt Disney himself. 

The plot would have been Oswald getting a visit from the stork again and again with babies coming down the chimney at a rapid pace.

There are only three copies known to exist. The first copy was sold in 2001 for a decidedly small fee of $100; the second copy was sold for £170 in an unknown year; the third copy was sold in 2014 for $7,500. None of them have been ripped for the Internet so far, and the cartoon was not aired on television because it, allegedly, "wasn't high-quality enough". Actually, it seems that the copies include only 3 minutes of the short (a bit less than half of it).

In 2017, Disney acquired a full print and put it on a Pinocchio DVD.


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