Play Safe with the Tweenies was a series of 27 shorts[1] about being safe around certain situations (like railways and/or sheds). These shorts aired on the British children's channel CBeebies between 2003 and 2008. Only one short has come to light, as of now.[2] The shorts are also known as the 'Tweenies Safety Shorts'.[3]


Play Safe with the Tweenies, as the title suggests, was a show about being safe. The theme for the intro was remade and was much shorter than the Tweenies intro.[4]

Episodes are available on BBC Redux, however this service is only available to those with a functioning e-mail address.


There are different scenes in the intro. A description of the scene will be on the left while the known episode would be on the right:

  • Max with a video camera - 'Throwing' (as the description shows that Max was planning to recording the children).
  • Bella smashing a teapot - 'Kettle and Teapot'.
  • Jake throwing sand at the camera - 'Throwing', maybe?
  • Milo with his birthday cake - 'Candles'?
  • Jake holding a breadknife - 'Knifes'
  • Bella holding a pair of dangerous garden cutters - 'Sheds'
  • Milo for some reason, is stuck upside down and Bella is trying to save him - Unknown.
  • Max with gardening gear - 'Sheds'.
  • Fizz finding dangerous bottles - 'Cleaning materials'.
  • Fizz tangled in wires - Might be 'Electric Sockets and Cables'.
  • Judy with a guitar - 'Railway Lines'.
  • Jake with scissors - Obviously 'Scissors'.
  • Doodles the dog tripping over a stuffed snake - 'Leaving toys around'.
  • Izzles the dog near soft shapes with Milo - 'Doors and Windows'
  • The Tweenies playing on the climbing frame - Might be 'Slides'.


Episode Description Found?
Cleaning Materials Fizz finds dangerous bottles and decides to play with them. Cross
Leaving Toys Left Around The Tweenies carelessly trip over toys. Cross
Throwing Max records the Tweenies playing. Cross
Sheds Bella and Jake want to go to Max's shed. Cross
Swings Izzles the dog is unsafe near a swing set. Cross
Slide Milo is being unsafe on a slide. Cross
Matches Jake finds matches. Cross
Don't Go There The dangers of playing in a fridge. Cross
Lost Max gets lost in a garden centre. Cross
Road Safety The Tweenies learn about road safety. Cross
Dogs Jake gets bitten by an unfriendly dog. Cross
Candles It is Judy's birthday and he nearly gets burned by lighting her cake with a candle. Tick
Fire Safety We learn about fire safety. Cross
Travelling by Train We learn about train safety. Cross
Electric Sockets and Cables The Tweenies learn about electricity. Cross

The Tweenies are learning about knife safety. A scene shown Jake holding a bread knife was in the intro.

Ponds Safety near ponds. Cross
Scissors Jake plays with blunt scissors. Cross
Rivers Safety near rivers. Cross
Dialling 999 Bella tells the others about an emergency. Cross
Railway Lines Max shows us how to be safe near train lines. Tick
Hot Cooker Accidents with cookers. Cross
Kettle and Teapot Bella thinks she is very good at making tea, but disaster strikes. Bella screaming when she smashed the teapot was in the intro. Cross
Canal Safety with canals. Cross
Doors and Windows Safety with doors and windows. Cross
Beach Max goes to a beach. Cross
Horses Safety near horses. Cross


Be Safe with the Tweenies - Railway Line

Be Safe with the Tweenies - Railway Line