Pinwheel "Clock Man" Short (1970s/1980s Stop-Motion Animation; Existence Unconfirmed)
Still renditions of the short thanks to "Commander Santa"
Status Found
First brought to mass online attention in 2012 by Off-Topic forum (aka The Flood) user Commander Santa, was an alleged short stop-motion animation that had apparently first aired during Nickelodeon's Pinwheel in the early-to-mid 1980s (or even possibly some time in the 1970s).[1]

According to Commander Santa, the short involved a young boy laying in his bed, who gets snatched up by the "Clock Man", a discoloured, unkempt entity that emerges from the wall clock above the child's bed at the stroke of midnight. The boy, after being taken on an eerie adventure, is subsequently returned to his room before sunrise.

An uncannily similar description of a scary Pinwheel short can be found within a 2002-2004 forum thread, (as recounted in a 2004 comment by user Michael W Howe), involving a young girl making a deal with a wizard, after losing her red shoes; the deal being that the wizard would replace the shoes, so long as the child told her mother about the extraordinary event. Incidentally, the girl decides not to tell her mother, to which the wizard responds by emerging out of her wall clock, snatching her up and demanding an explanation. She eventually agrees to make it up to the wizard by sewing stars to be placed in the night sky, before being returned to her mother, to whom she then recounts the entire experience.[2]

While the two descriptions provided differ in many ways, they may very well be referring to the same piece of animation, given that things of such an obscure nature are often misremembered, especially if witnessed during childhood.

Although several other people claim to have seen the short, its validity has yet to be actually proven, with many writing off the "Clock Man" as a mere creepypasta (largely on account of an over-the-top comment made by Commander Santa, in which he suggests that Pinwheel used to hypnotise children, giving them visual hallucinations). There may yet be some truth to this short, however, especially given the huge gap between (what seems to be) the first and most recent online recounts of it, but until some form of solid proof emerges, we will never really know. It may be worth noting that a user of 4chan's /x/ board also apparently recalled the clip, citing the boy's name as Benjamin, though this too has never been confirmed.

Whether real or a hoax, no footage (either proven or alleged) from the short has ever emerged, the closest thing being a few still renditions as created by Commander Santa.


Clock Man was found and posted on Sep 22nd, 2017 on youtube by a youtube account called "AAA Studio." Though the video didn't start getting noticed until December 10th when Rebel Taxi tweeted about it.


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