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The Hard Way (Household Object Proyect)03:11

The Hard Way (Household Object Proyect)

"The Hard Way".

Following the massive impact that 1973's The Dark Side of the Moon left on music ever since it was released, British progressive-rock band Pink Floyd started recording an experimental album in the style of their much earlier albums (like 1967's The Piper at the Gates of Dawn) due to fears of how Moon would end up too successful. The album, called Household Objects, would use random household objects (as the title implies) as instruments, such as hand mixers, rubber bands stretched between two tables, wine glasses, etc. This was eventually shelved after being recorded in October-December 1973.

In 2011, two tracks from the Household Objects sessions, "The Hard Way" and "Wine Glasses" (later re-used as part 1 of 1975's Syd Barrett-celebrating "Shine on You Crazy Diamond"), were released as part of the "Why Pink Floyd...?" reissue campaign, being included in The Dark Side of the Moon "Immersion" edition and the Wish You Were Here "Experience" and "Immersion" releases, respectively. However, the album's page on the Spanish, French, Italian and Catalan versions of Wikipedia mentions the possibility of a third track, whereas the English version, which is actually part of the page on their unreleased material, just says there were only two songs cut, possibly citing that more Household Objects material could exist. It is unknown why these possible additional songs were never released, as they aren't mentioned in any article apart from the Wikipedia ones. Pink Floyd eventually went on to release Wish You Were Here in 1975.

Pink Floyd - Wine Glasse (from 'Household Objects' project)02:17

Pink Floyd - Wine Glasse (from 'Household Objects' project)

"Wine Glasses".

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