"Night of the Living Dead: Live from Wisconsin - Hosted by Mark & Mike" was a Halloween Special that aired on G4 on October 31, 2006. It was hosted by Mark Borchardt and Mike Schank stars of the popular documentary "American Movie". The special was the premiere of the cult classic "Night of the Living Dead" on the channel G4.

Night of the Living Dead Live From Wisconsin00:31

Night of the Living Dead Live From Wisconsin

While they were airing the film, Mark and Mike would broadcast live from their home town of Wisconsin and talk about the film, while occasionally having a funny skit (Example- Mike showing off his classic screaming abilities.) The special also involved pop ups during the film like count how many zombies are there, or counting down the seconds of a character's freak out. This special has always stuck out in my mind no matter what, because it was the first introduction to Night of the Living Dead for me and that's one of my all time favorite movies. I could never be able to find the special in it's entirety I can only find clips of it online, whether it's on Youtube, Vimeo, or Internet Archive. The longest clip I can find is on where it was a 20-minute clip of Mark and Mike being their typical selves.

This is a special I've been trying to find for a while and have been interested in watching it again and I would be fascinated if there's anyone out there who has a copy of the special in it's entirety.

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