Once every year in the month of September (or sometimes at the beginning of October) since 2004, Nickelodeon would host an event called The Worldwide Day Of Play to encourage kids to go outside and play. The way they would attempt to encourage kids to get active is by cutting off their broadcast from 12 pm to 3pm with a constantly looping message (they also cut off it's sister channels: Nicktoons, Noggin/Nick.jr, and Nick GaS/The N/Teennick). Over the years of the event, many media related to nick's day of play (usually from 2004-2009) have gone missing, including promos, interstitials, shut down (when Nickelodeon goes off the air at 12) bumpers, sign on (when Nickelodeon comes back on at 3pm), and even the full of air message from 2004, 2005,2006, and a lost off air message from 2008 that was shown on The N (know known as Teennick.)

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