Wild Side was a TV show for kids on Nickelodeon that was hosted by two kids and featured various wild and zoo animals with an emphasis on education and wildlife conservation. The show definitely premiered in 1992 but there are conflicting reports of when exactly. Some believe that Wild Side officially premiered on Sunday, August 23 of 1992 at 8:30pm EST and after that Sundays at 5:00pm EST (other sources have premiere dates listed as February 1, April 10, and August 22, 1992). We also believe the show lasted for two seasons (each with a different set of hosts) and that reruns were shown on Nickelodeon for at least until 1995. In 2001 Noggin ran reruns of the show but has not been rerun since.

The First Season was Hosted by Jessica Duarte and Scott Tunnell and Season 2 featured Hosts Jillian Hirasawa Gordon Michael Woolve.

Whike some videos have been posted on the Web, some have since been deleted and no full episodes can be found. Some small premiers are available on youtube.

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