On September 30th 2009, An unknown user recorded and uploaded a video of a technical difficulty that happened during Nick@Nite which ACTUALLY resulted in the logos changing on the Nick networks. Recently, a user reenacted the accident to show what it looked like. Sadly, the original video will likely never see the light of day again....

Note: This also went for the same fate that The N, Noggin, and Nicktoons Network had. However, a remake version was made from The N changing to TeenNick. Within the use, a lot of remakes are seen but they are using faked up version within using GoAnimate and Xtranormal videos. Sadly, no proof does exist the real version of it.

Screenshot 2016-09-09-21-02-50

A screenshot of the reenactment of the logo change.

9/14/16 Update: The original uploader has uploaded the original video. Here's a link:

5/12/18 Update: Don't watch the video above or the picture on the right, that is actually fake! Do not try to revert this page.