In 1991, Nickelodeon introduced a half-hour educational show called Launch Box. This series ran until 1994, and it takes place on the set of Nickelodeon's game show "Get The Picture", where Mike O'Malley hosted. It was created primarily as a "Cable in the Classroom" program, where the teacher records the episodes and presents them in class to help children learn.

The show taught about space, traveling it and its technology. Interesting enough, NASA had a hand in developing this show as well.

Only one episode "The Inner Planets" and its intro sequence has been found online, both of which are on this page. NASA has uploaded the intro sequence, as has someone else on YouTube. "The Inner Planets" was uploaded by the episode's writer/producer Karim Miteff (kmiteff) and the intro was also uploaded by user ClassicNickelodeon2.

While it is unknown how many episodes this show had, a notable item worth mentioning is a DVD set of the show, which was sold on iOffer for an unknown price, and at an unknown time, due to said DVD set not being available anymore.

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