Nellie the Elephant was a British children's cartoon series created by Terry Ward on behalf of FilmFair in the United Kingdom that ran from 1 January 1990 to 23 July 1990. The series featured Lulu as the voice of Nellie, with Tony Robinson as the narrator. A comic-book annual was released in 1991 in an attempt to further advertise the series, but the annual failed to attract a wide audience.


1 Nellie and the Ghost Found
2 Nellie Visits a Farm Found
3 Nellie Goes to Sea Found
4 Nellie on a Snow Found
5 Nellie at the Seaside Found
6 Nellie's Raincoat Found
7 Nellie and the Whale Found
8 Nellie and the Burning Farm Found
9 Nellie Takes a Jumbo Jet Found
10 Nellie the Theatre Star Found
11 Nellie and the Haunted House Found
12 Nellie and the Park Disco Found
13 Nellie at the Fun Fair Found
14 Nellie Rescues Mrs. Maple's Moggy Found
15 Nellie Goes Ballooning Found
16 Nellie Goes to the Moon Found
17 Nellie Goes Swimming Found
18 Nellie and the Flying Saucer Found
19 Nellie and the Brass Band Found
20 Nellie Joins the Team Found
21 Nellie Visits a Library Found
22 Nellie on an Ocean Cruise Found
23 Nellie Goes Apple Picking Found
24 Nellie at the Olympics Found
25 Nellie Goes to Peanut Juction Found
26 Nellie the Ski Champion Found
27 Nellie Takes the Train Found
28 Nellie and the Mystery Tour Found
29 Nellie at the Big Store Found
30 Nellie Goes Time Travelling Found

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