Nasrudin clip One Pair of Eyes-005:02

Nasrudin clip One Pair of Eyes-0

The only footage from Nasrudin

Before the Thief and the Cobbler was known as The Thief and the Cobbler, Richard Williams was working on a film called Nasrudin. The movie would have been based off of a series of books written by Idries Shah (Williams was the illustrator of the books). The books themselves collected the tales of Mulla Nasrudin. He had to fund the animated movie by working on television and feature film projects. By 1972, 3 hours of footage was completed, but Williams had a falling out with the family and Williams abandoned the project. The Shah family took the rights to Williams illustrations. The 3 hours of footage that was completed hasn't been released. All that exists is just a short clip of the film from a documentary called "One Pair of Eyes".

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