Myke C-Town is an online music reviewer on YouTube. He is known for reviewing albums from artists and various genres of music, ranging from Hip Hop to Black Metal to Modern Pop and others. He is also a member of "Dead End Hip Hop", a channel on YouTube that reviews and discusses current events happening in the world of hip hop music.


Around late 2015, Myke C-Town released a video where he reviewed rapper Kid Cudi's much criticized album Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven. In the video, he made fun of the album, criticized Cudi's attempt at "being the next Kurt Cobain",and the fact he got Beavis and Butt-Head to do skits on the album. For as long as it was up, it was Myke's most viewed video on his channel.

Myke later took down the video. He explained in this video that he made the video after receiving requests from fans to review the album and took the video down due to people in the comments section making mean remarks towards each other. As of 2016, he has no plans to re-upload the video.

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