Muppets Muppets Muppets what can you say about the Muppets I really do enjoy them. One day I thought I should watch the Muppet Show it was only 9:00 at night so why not. I got my Dvd and put it in and it said Sorry This dvd does not work please try again later. Then it said we found a episode. Boy I wish I did not click on it. It started off with the same ol theme song. But after the Theme song stuff got really really REALLY fucked up. Kermit comes up and says *Now Time for The Great Gonzo to carry a 1000 pound rock. Then I said HOLY SHIT THATS FUCKING HEAVY AS HELL.

Then Gonzo did it but then The rock falls on gonzo and Gonzos eyes and brain pops out and his belly was ripped with his heart and lungs and his bones everywhere. Then Kermit says will Gonzo is dead sorry. Then it showed Bunsen and Becker at there lab. Bunsen makes a drink and said Becker don't ever drink this and Becker said Meep meep meep and Becker drinks it then he explodes and blood was everywhere on the screen.

I said to many deaths why why why. Then I showed Kermit died with a knife on his belly. Then I said A KNIFE?! WHO DID THAT. Then I saw a red fur on the knife then I said IT WAS ANIMAL.

Then Animal said DEATHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Then is showed Fozzie of course doing his good ol jokes then Animal comes in and bites Fozzies Head off. I was going to turn it off but Animal said FUCK NO YOU ANT LEAVING BITCH.

Then I showed Miss Piggy crying over Kermits Death. Then Animal says to Piggy *BACON* then Animal turns Piggy into Bacon and Animal eats it.

Then The other band members came and said Bitch die and they shot Animal. But then Animal comes back to life and rips everyones head off the their Guitars and Tubas. Then it said all the Muppets are Dead.

Then Animal says HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL IS COMING BITCH. Then the episode ended

I have looked up on all the websites I could find like Facebook Twitter and others and said Have you heard of this Muppets Lost Episode? Then everyone said yes but I got rid of it because it was scary.