Between the late 1980's and 90's there was a show on Public Access that featured a man's chin upside down with small clothes around is eyes and a wig around his next. He would go on and give his opinion on things in a woman's accent like toys and giving birth.

At the end of each episode Mrs Mouth would be fed strange substances by her assistances and then would end her episodes. She spoke in a stereotypical gay sounding voice but with a woman's touch to it. The show attracted fair viewing figures and was one of the most popular shows on the access.

After about 10 years the show became too much for the man and was abandoned.

Current Status

Unlike most shows on Public Access this one actually exists quite well. Several clips (though not full episodes) are on the internet and the show even has three of it's own YouTube channels, but hasn't uploaded in almost 8 years. Though no episodes exist in their entirety it seems clear that due to the show's popularity no one wanted it to stay uncovered.



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