MR. SMITH opening credits 80s sitcom

The opening credits.


Mr. Smith & Jennifer Slept Here promo, 1983

A promo (also advertising Jennifer Slept Here).

NBC Network - Mr00:21

NBC Network - Mr. Smith - "Dial-An-Ape" (1983)

Another promo.

Another infamous season for NBC was the 1983-84 season, as every new show that fall was cancelled (although We Got it Made, starring Teri Copley, had another season in first-run syndication). Among the many flops was Mr. Smith, based on Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. In this version, an orangutan named Cha Cha has been discovered after running away from a traveling act he belonged to and is sent to a government research center in Washington, D.C.. He escapes, and winds up in a lab where a serum meant to increase human intelligence is discovered. Cha Cha drinks it, and develops both speaking ability and an IQ of 256, which leads him to become a political advisor.

The series premiere, aired September 23, 1983, drew terrible ratings and bad critical reception. Ratings got worse with each episode, which lead to NBC cancelling the program. Because of this, barely any footage has been made widely available.

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