Monster High: The Lost Movie is a lost Monster High movie. It has been canceled due to the Monster High reboot and the switching of animation studios. This was the first time the Ever After High franchise finally does a crossover with the Monster High franchise. It is mainly about Raven Queen daughter of the Evil Queen warning the Monster High characters that her mom is planning to take over the Monster High World, and if they don't do in time Monster High will be doomed! The Ever After High students and Monster High students must team up to defeat the Evil Queen.


  • This would have been Ever After High's first 3-D appearance.
  • This would have been the second crossover the first being Boo York, Boo York.
  • Draculaura and Clawdeen loose their vampire and werewolf abilities to Raven and Maddie.
  • They were trapped in a labyrinth.
  • A book might be released in October replacing this movie.
  • Clips of the movie are found on YouTube but is in animatic.

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