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Monster Allergy is an 2006 Italian animated series produced by Rainbow S.p.A. based on a comic book series that was published by Disney Italia. The series aired on Kids WB in September 23, 2006. It aired with a separate English dub rather than the English dub that was produced by Rainbow S.p.A which aired internationally outside of the US. The US-produced English dub has long since never been re-aired, and footage of it is nowhere to be found on the internet. Streaming websites such as Netflix use the Rainbow S.p.A. dub.

Update as of June 16, 2017

On May 2017, someone by the name of "CameyP. what's the sitch" uploaded Monster Allergy Kids' WB! stuff Opening Credits (splitscreen) Promo #1 Promo #2 Universal dom box bumps Voice dom bumps Promo #3 Promo #4

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