alt-J (originally named Daljit Dhaliwal) is a British indie rock band formed in 2007. They have made 3 studio albums to date, and have released many singles such as Breezeblocks, Left Hand Free, and Deadcrush. They released many songs before their breakthrough, and many of them are lost. Here is a list of their songs from 2009, some found and some lost.

  1. Something Good (FOUND[1])
  2. Portrait (FOUND[2])
  3. Hiroshima (LIVE VERSION FOUND[3])
  4. Leon (FOUND[4])
  5. Matilda (FOUND[5])
  6. Matilda premix1 (LOST)
  7. Casio (LOST)
  8. Bigger Man (LOST)
  9. The Fjords (LOST)
  10. New Track (LOST)
  11. My Song (LOST)
  12. Smelly Bridge (LOST)

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