All Pupa'ed Out - Ep

All Pupa'ed Out - Ep. 1

The North American dub is more common than the U.K. dub.

Like most American and Canadian shows targeted towards preschoolers, Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends had a UK dub. Like Oswald, it did not air on Nick Jr. (despite the fact that Nick Jr. exists in the U.K.), but on Five's Milkshake Block. In the UK dub, the theme song is retained from the North American English dub.


One Miss Spider DVD has been released in the UK with the title "Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: Best Bug Buddies", and it has the UK dub, as proven by a reviewer, who was expecting the DVD to use the North American dub.

Gilby1385 uploaded "The Big Green Bug" with the U.K. dub, this episode was featured on the "Milkshake Treats" DVD. It can be seen here.

JANUARY 8, 2017 UPDATE: The entirety of "Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: Best Bug Buddies" has been found!

Known Voice Actors

  • Miss Spider - Maria Darling
  • Bounce - Joanna Ruiz
  • Spiderus - Andy Turvey
  • Squirt - Joanna Ruiz
  • Holly - David Holt
  • Mr. Mantis - Tom Eastwood
  • Dragon - Maria Darling
  • Snowdrop - Maria Darling
  • Pansy - Maria Darling
  • Shimmer - Maria Darling
  • Betty - Maria Darling
  • Eunice - Maria Darling
  • Spinner - Lynn Cleckner
  • Wiggle - Lynn Cleckner
  • Spindella - Lynn Cleckner
  • Gus - David Holt
  • Stink - David Holt
  • Ant #1 (From "The Big Green Bug") - Tom Eastwood
  • Ant #2 (From "The Big Green Bug") - David Holt