Meme Run Wii U-002:39

Meme Run Wii U-0

The trailer for the game.

Meme Run was a game released for the Nintendo Wii U in December 2014 by Ninja Pig Studios. The game was submitted to Nintendo 4 times before being approved, and received negative reactions upon announcement. As of March 2015, the game was pulled from Nintendo eShop thanks to a copyright claim filed by the Troll Face's creator. Meme Run was also submitted to Steam Greenlight for users to vote, but the Greenlight campaign failed.

Various videos of people reviewing and playing the game were uploaded to the internet by the time Meme Run was recalled.


The game is an endless 2D runner with randomly generated Lenny-infested terrain. You play as a dancing Troll Face as you collect SWAG points for surviving as long as possible. 360 noscopes, Wombo Combos, Illuminatis, and Troll Tiles (these tiles look exactly like the terrain, being a black rectangle with a Lenny Face on it, but if the player walks over this tile as if it were normal ground, he/she falls through the ground and dies) will try to stop you along the way. After getting a game over, the player can then upload their scores to Miiverse.

An update was released in January 2015 that allowed you to play the game as Bigley, an obscure meme from Miiverse, with a different background.

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