Meet The Moores are 60-second shorts centering around a British family that would air on Nickelodeon's sister channel Nicktoons in the UK around 2003.


In July 2002, around the same time Nicktoons premiered in Britain, Nick wanted to make it's first animated reality TV show based off a real-life British family, so they did a contest of which family would want to star in the show. In October 2002, ten families were selected to be finalist in "The Nicktoons Family" contest. But in November, since one contest and ten finalists weren't good enough, Nicktoons TV has organised another contest to round up ten more finalists. Later in 2003, the Moores were selected to be the Nicktoons TV Family. The Moores would air between Rugrats and Hey Arnold!.


Only 10 shorts were produced. There is no adverts or shorts that can be viewed online. The only thing relevant is an



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