MediEvil trailer02:44

MediEvil trailer

Pre-release trailer featuring the cut dragon level (see 1:56, 2:03).

MediEvil, released in 1998, is a game for the Playstation One. Many people may not know that there exists a level that was cut from the game, which involved Dan running from a dragon. Co-creator Jason Wilson has confirmed in an interview[1] that this level was removed for the final release due to time constraints, with the dragon chase being shown instead only in the form of an FMV.

The only footage that has been seen from the cut dragon level exist in the form of a few snippets which can be found in an old MediEvil pre-release trailer, as well as in a short making-of documentary (both included on various PlayStation 1 demo discs, and both of which have since been uploaded to YouTube). In addition, there exists an FMV (that, at first glance, seems to have been intended to take place before the "Inside the Asylum" level) that was cut from the final game, however this FMV can still be seen by using an FMV viewer within MediEvil, unlockable via cheat code. Interestingly, clips from this FMV can too be seen in the pre-release trailer.

Another level that was scrapped from the game was a sidescrolling minigame starring Morton the Worm, (who can be seen in the aforementioned deleted FMV) that was to take place in the Asylum before the actual "Inside the Asylum" level (perhaps explaining why the FMV was removed in the first place). However, no footage from said cut level has ever surfaced, and it's unknown exactly how far into development the level actually got (although Wilson has stated -in the prior mentioned interview- that he got as far as illustrating the level, and creating a mockup). Finally, there is an unused piece of audio that can still be found within the final release (by utilising the game's debug menu), which many speculate to be from the dragon level, although in the same interview, Wilson stated that he is unsure which of the scrapped levels it was composed for, if either of them.


  1. 2012 online interview with MediEvil co-creator Jason Wilson. Retrieved 03 Jun '13.

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