Best Tv Shows That Never Were - Unsold Pilots43:20

Best Tv Shows That Never Were - Unsold Pilots

McGurk footage begins at TBA.

McGurk: A Dog's Life is a 1979 ABC pilot developed by Norman Lear. Starring Barney Martin (later of the much better-received NBC sitcom Seinfeld), it centers around McGurk, a very humanoid dog who worries that he's going to die after hearing his owner say "it's curtains for McGurk" (it was actually revealed to be a new set of curtains for his doghouse). With Lear having no luck on ABC (if the cancellations of Hot L Baltimore and Apple Pie are any indication), the pilot was rejected and only aired that August. It was available on blip in its entirety, but with that site having gone under, the pilot has gone lost again, with footage only available via the Best TV Shows That Never Were! special.

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