Mary Shelley's Frankenhole "Mother To Be-Sa" 2010
Title for the show.
Status Lost
Mary Shelley's Frankenhole was a stop-motion animation series on [adult swim], created by Dino Stamatopolous (also known for creating Moral Orel). The plot revolves around Victor Frankenstein, who has discovered the secret to immortality and created multiple wormholes between his location (referred to as "somewhere in Eastern Europe") and every time period throughout history. These wormholes, or "Frankenholes," allow historical figures and celebrities seeking the doctor's services to find him.

The second episode, "Mother To Be-Sa", was never aired on television or released online, unlike the other episodes. The episode is said to have involved Mother Teresa visiting Dr. Frankenstein and because she is unable to say "no" to anybody's requests of her, becomes the Frankenstein family's indentured servant. [1] While Mother Teresa does make brief appearances in later episodes as the family's servant, this episode is believed to have been banned from airing due to its themes.

Several discussions of the censored episode have popped up on [adult swim] forums.[2] [3] Forum users claim that Stamatopolous has said in reference to the episode, "Mother To Be-Sa" was placed on 'permanent hold'...Well directed, but the script wasn't really there yet. One of our first episodes." He is also quoted as saying, "Put it out of your brain" in reference to the episode, implying that it will never be released to the public.


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