Mumfie Melodies Blues and Eel01:27

Mumfie Melodies Blues and Eel

One of the only segments on YouTube.

When Fox Family and Nick Jr. UK aired Magic Adventures of Mumfie as a 20-minute show, the episodes were separated by "Mumfie Melodies" segments. According to the resume of a person who worked on the show,there were six segments in total. Only three have been uploaded to YouTube, leaving three segments total. Also, when the segments originally aired, there was an instrumental piece of music played in the background during the "And now it's time for Mumfie Melodies!" portion of these segments. This is deleted from the versions on Mumfie's YouTube channel. A few segments appear on hard-to-find VHS tapes, but it is unknown if they have the background music.

Fox Family Memories VHS tapes Mr09:19

Fox Family Memories VHS tapes Mr. Moose part 5 - Britt Allcroft's The Magic Adventures of Mumfie-0

One of the original segments with the background music (begins at 7:53)

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