MTV Bumper B

MTV Bumper B

In 1999, to ring in 2000, MTV2 (sister network of MTV) decided to air a marathon of every music video they had in alphabetical order (entitled the A to Z Marathon), from 3 Colors Red's 1999 single "A Beautiful Day" to Cherry Poppin' Daddies' 1997 hit "Zoot Suit Riot". While some rare music videos have since surfaced via captures of parts of the marathon, it became infamous for skipping videos, airing videos twice, and placing the wrong tags on videos, among other mistakes. The marathon was supposed to last six months, but ended up airing until April.

One notable aspect of the marathon is the letter bumpers. These would air between videos in any given letter until the "V" videos, and were clearly inspired by Sesame Street. For the first several letters, the text was large and in Arial, but were later on resized and put in a different font. Although some of the bumpers have resurfaced, more than a handful haven't.

Known Bumpers

^denotes resurfaced bumper

  • ^"Bail"
  • ^"Braces"
  • ^"Candy"
  • "Coat"
  • ^"Discipline"
  • ^"Fantasy"
  • ^"Homie"
  • ^"Intergalactic"
  • ^"Invert"
  • ^"Jealousy"
  • ^"Jumpstart"
  • ^"Jungle"
  • ^"Karma"
  • ^"Kung fu"
  • ^"Lawsuit"
  • ^"Lickety-split"
  • ^"Lunch"
  • ^"Mathematics"
  • ^"Maximum"
  • ^"Miracle"
  • ^"Misunderstood"
  • ^"Necrophilia"
  • ^"Occult"
  • ^"Old School"
  • ^"Omnipotent"
  • ^"Optical"
  • ^"Pee"
  • ^"Personals"
  • ^"Physics"
  • ^"Professional"
  • ^"Replication"
  • ^"Riverdance"
  • ^"Roswell"
  • ^"Roughnecks"
  • ^"Sexy"
  • ^"Sign"
  • ^"Skills"
  • ^"Speck"
  • ^"System"
  • ^"Talent"
  • ^"Tastey"
  • ^"Tech"
  • ^"Technique"
  • ^"Ultra"
  • ^"Umbilical"
  • ^"Vice"
  • ^"Voice"