Top 12 elgoog or google easter eggs08:39

Top 12 elgoog or google easter eggs. a coolpool567 video

Minecarft - TN SomeThing/The Dead Channel/Coolpool567/ Minecarft - TN SomeThing/ There was a channel called Minecarft - TN something. this channel was termianated due to repeated violations of google's policies. DON'T LOOK AT ME, ITS WHAT YOUTUBE SAID. This channel is real because i Subscribed to him on my old channel. heres the link. The Dead Channel/ i subscribed to this guy to. again on my old channel. and the channel is still here. its not been shut down, in fact, you can go on it right now. its unknown what the real name of this channel was. for now, it says. Unsubscribe! This channel is dead. heres the link. Coolpool567/ now this one is the real mysteries. coolpool567 is a channel i did not subscrib to. but i did like one of his videos. this channel was shut down for unknown reasons. i don't have the link of this channel. but i do have a copy of one of his videos on my new channel. heres the link.

ThatGuyWithTheVHS. His channel got terminated and has a new channel called TGWTVHS 2.0 where some of his videos are archived,also a chunk/handful of his videos reuploaded.

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