Butterfinger is a popular peanut-butter and chocolate candy bar produced by Nestlé. There have been many commercials for Butterfinger that have featured The Simpsons since 1988 up through today.

Many of the commercials featured Homer trying to get Bart's Butterfinger, but would be one-upped by Bart each time. Each commercial ended with Bart saying the candy's tagline - "Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger!" (in the late 1990s, this was changed to "Bite My Butterfinger!" and from 2000 to 2001, this was changed to "Nothin' like a Butterfinger!").

There are 5 Butterfinger Simpsons commercials that are lost, and it cannot be found on the internet.

Missing Butterfinger Simpsons Commercials:

  • Homer Holer has aired in 2001. It's about Homer tries to dig a Butterfinger BB.
  • No Teasing (2007 Remake) has aired in 2007. This is where Bart was getting in trouble for taking the Butterfinger.
  • Dinner Butterfinger has aired in 2007. Bart orders a "Squid & Shark" with Butterfinger Special.
  • Itchy & Scratchy: Butterfinger Test has aired in 2007. Itchy does a butterfinger test.
  • Doughnut Trail has aired in 2001. It was unaired in the UK.

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