The 2001 PBS series Sagwa, The Chinese Siamese Cat had only about a quarter of it's 40 episodes (79 segments) released onto DVD. The show was removed from most PBS stations by late 2008, by which time several more episodes had surfaced onto YouTube. It continued to air on TV Ontario in Canada for quite a few years, however.

In 2014, several more episodes were uploaded, some in somewhat poor quality. As of 2016, there are still nine episodes that remain at large.


Episode Title

19b Master Of Mistakes
22b A New Cook In The Kitchen
23b The Competition
26a Luck Be a Bat
26b Tea For Two
27b ...And Action
31a The Jade Rabbit
33b Three Graces
37b Homesick Jun

UPDATE: 12/7/16 The episode Invention By Mistake was uploaded in low quality to youtube by Darris Jolly and it was recorded off of TVO KIDS.

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