·       3-2-1 Penguins! (LOST)

·       Adventures from the Book of Virtues (FOUND)

·       Animal Atlas (FOUND)

·       Animal Science (15 SECOND VERSION FOUND)

·       Animal Exploration with Jarod Miller (FOUND) (FOUND)

·       Animorphs (LOST)

·       Anne of Green Gables (LOST)

·       Archie’s Weird Mysteries (FOUND)

·       Artzooka! (FOUND)

·       Babar (FOUND) (LOW QUALITY)

·       Being Ian (LOW QUALITY) (LOW QUALITY)

·       Boo! (FOUND) (FOUND)

·       BraveStarr (FOUND)

·       Class of the Titans (FOUND) (LOW QUALITY, INCOMPLETE)

·       Culture Click (FOUND)

·       Dear America/Royal Diaries (LOST)

·       Denver, the Last Dinosaur (FOUND)

·       Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist (FOUND)

·       Dive Olly Dive! (FOUND)

·       Doki (FOUND)

·       Dragon (LOST)

·       Eliot Kid (FOUND)

·       Elliot Moose (LOW QUALITY, INCOMPLETE)

·       Famous Five: On the Case (FOUND)

·       Fishtronaut (FOUND)

·       Funniest Pets and People (FOUND)

·       George and Martha (FOUND)

·       Ghostbusters (FOUND)

·       Giver (FOUND)

·       Gofrette (FOUND)

·       Grossology (FOUND)

·       Guess with Jess (FOUND)

·       Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs (FOUND)

·       He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (FOUND) (FOUND)

·       I Spy (LOST)

·       Jacob Two Two (FOUND; SKIP 32 SECONDS IN) (FOUND) (FOUND)

·       Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks (FOUND)

·       Jane and the Dragon (FOUND) (FOUND)

·       Joe and Jack (FOUND)

·       Lamb Chop’s Play Along (LOST)

. LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures (LOST)

·       Maisy (FOUND)

·       Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse (SUPER LOW QUALITY, BARELY ANY SOUND)

·       Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks (FOUND)

·       Mickey’s Farm (FOUND)

·       Mighty Machines (LOW QUALITY)

·       Miss BG (FOUND)

·       My Friend Rabbit (LOW QUALITY)

·       Ned’s Newt (FOUND)

·       Nutri Ventures (FOUND)

·       Pearlie (FOUND)

·       Pecola (FOUND)

·       Pet Alien (FOUND)

·       Pippi Longstocking (FOUND)

·       Postman Pat (FOUND)

·       Raggs (FOUND)

·       Rescue Heroes (FOUND)

·       Rupert (FOUND)

·       Safari Tracks (LOST)

·       Sally Bollywood (FOUND)


·       Sandra, the Fairy Tale Detective (FOUND)

·       Scaredy Squirrel (LOST)

·       Secret Millionaires Club (FOUND)

·       Shelldon (FOUND) (FOUND)

·       Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century (LOST)

·       She-Ra: Princess of Power (FOUND)

·       Sidekick (LOST)

·       Sitting Ducks (FOUND)

·       Spliced (FOUND)

·       Stickin’ Around (FOUND)

·       Taste Buds (FOUND)

·       The Busy World of Richard Scarry (FOUND)

·       The Choo Choo Bob Show (FOUND)

·       The Magic School Bus (FOUND)

·       The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog (FOUND)

·       The Zula Patrol (FOUND)

·       Theodore Tugboat (FOUND)

·       This is Daniel Cook (FOUND)

·       Thomas Edison's Secret Lab (LOST)

·       Timeblazers (FOUND) (FOUND)

·       Timothy Goes to School (FOUND)

·       ToddWorld (FOUND)

·       Turbo Dogs (FOUND) (FOUND) (LOW QUALITY)

·       VeggieTales (LOST)

·       Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? (FOUND)

·       Willa’s Wild Life (IN SPANISH)

·       Zoo Clues (FOUND)