Polly pocket 1

Polly Pocket Actually Logo (2012 - Present)

Polly Pocket is a Doll from Mattel, Released in 1989, in First Commercial in 1990 to Actually, Commercials is Exhibiting in All World, and Upload in YouTube, or Such Vimeo, Much This Commercials is Been Lost, Around in 27 Years


The Photo from Polly Pocket Jet Set (Adventure Jet) Commercial


IMG 20170130 090310

Polly Pocket Lalala Polly (2008 Version) Latin America Version Proof

Polly Pocket Dare to Hair Commercial (Brazilian Portuguese Version - Only Audio Found and French Version Found) (US Version Found)

Polly Pocket Jewel Maker Commercial Spanish Version Found (US Version Lost)

Polly Pocket 2008 Era Latin America Version Commercials Lost (The Sparklin' Pets Dress Up Latin American Version is Found)

Polly Pocket 2006 Era Brazilian Portuguese Version Lost (Only the Pollywheels Commercial in Portuguese Brazilian Found)

Polly Pocket 2008 Era Rollin Coaster Resort Portuguese Brazilian Version Commercial Complete (Lalala Polly This Commercial is Incomplete)

Polly Pocket 2010 Era Brazilian Portuguese Dub Commercials (Only the Ice Cream Water Park Playset Brazil Found)

Polly Pocket 2015 Era (Airplane and Polly and Pockets Dolls, Sweet Park, Pets Party and Polly's House, Car and Pool Brazilian Portuguese Version Lost, Latin America Version Found)

Polly Pocket 2010 Era Latin America Version Lost

Polly Pocket 2008 Era Commercials French Version Lost

Polly Pocket 2008 Era Commercials US Version Partially Found

Polly Pocket 2008 Era Spanish Version Commercials Lost

Polly Pocket 2006 Era Portugal Version Commercials Lost

Polly Pocket 2014 Era Pollyville Second Commercial (With More Pollyville Playsets) Brazilian Portuguese Version Lost

Polly Pocket Commercials UK Version Lost

Polly Pocket 2008 Era Netherlands Version Lost

Polly Pocket Polly's Bus Commercial (Brazilian Portuguese Version - No Sound Found and French Version Found) (US Version Lost)

Polly Pocket Sylin Flyers Commercial (Founded)

Polly Pocket Jet Set Commercial (Adventure Jet, Have in YouTube, But, The Audio is Different)

Polly Pocket 2010 Era Greek Version Lost

Polly Pocket 2010 Era Russian Version Lost

Polly Pocket 2010 Era Estonian Version Partially Lost

November 30, 2016

The Polly's Bus commercial, are been founded!, but no have sound, retired from commercial break from brazilian Boomerang from Cartoon Network from Maria Júlia Santana da Silva


December 22, 2016

The Sylin Flyers commercial are been founded!, on Metacafe


February 1, 2017

The Sparklin' Pets Dress Up latin america version commercial is founded in Metacafe in one fake Latin american commercial break and uploaded in YouTube!

Link in Metacafe:

Link in YouTube:

February 9, 2017

The Pollyworld's House russian version commercial is founded!, since in October 27, 2010 in internet


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